The Meaning of Retrograde planets

The Meaning of Retrograde planets

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Below we describe the individual themes for each retrograding planet. Note the Sun and Moon cannot be in retrograde. This is because retrograde indicates an "illusion" where a planet seems to be going backwards, but really Earth is just outpacing it in a faster manner as it revolves around the Sun.

Similarly, periods of retrograding planets explore our own "illusions" around their themes - how we are stuck or resistant to change in unconscious ways that can impede our growth. It represents a time to reflect, go inward, and untangle ourselves from some knots rather than letting them grow bigger.

Mercury Retrograde
  • contemplative mind
  • analytical
  • self-critical
  • literary interests
  • self conscious speaking
  • introvertedness
  • feeling misunderstood
  • sense of feeling socially disconnected
  • awareness of psychological subtleties
  • absentminded
  • not attuned to details
  • difficulty expressing themselves
  • difficulty understanding the intentions of others
Venus Retrograde
  • undemonstrative
  • non-conforming social and aesthetic values
  • going against the grain in love
  • emphasis on self-love, internal care
  • susceptible to vanity
  • self conscious about appearance
  • difficulty communication affecting
  • unrealistic ideals
  • seeking starry-eyed love story
  • forms unconventional relationships
  • unwilling to play social games
Mars Retrograde
  • inhibited action
  • lack of initiative
  • vacillating between abrupt action and inaction
  • passive-aggressive
  • undisciplined effort
  • on path to control anger
  • adventurer of the internal world
  • tuning to inspired action
  • compulsive energy
  • desire for conscious direction
Jupiter Retrograde
  • withholding philosophical ideas
  • unconventional world views
  • misunderstood beliefs and outlook
  • on personal path to developing one's outlooks
  • rejecting conventions in thinking
  • alternates between strong optimism and pessimism
  • failing to see similarities with other's perspectives
  • believes one's ideas are not worth sharing
  • attracted to quiet reflection of belief systems
Saturn Retrograde
  • prefers to work alone, solitary
  • discomfort with critique
  • resistance to change
  • rigidity in habits
  • doubts own capacities
  • overly self controlled or disciplined
  • inertia, sluggishness
  • motivated to find internal stamina
  • motivated to build personal feeling of endurance
Uranus Retrograde
  • suppresses unconventional behavior
  • contrived expression
  • imposter syndrome
  • inwardly rebellious tendencies
  • assumes feeling of alienation
  • nervous tension
  • makes unexpected changes for sake of change
  • inward path to more progressive thinking
  • private about expanding feeling of personal freedom
  • on path to deeper self acceptance of personal originality and uniqueness
Neptune Retrograde
  • confusing imagination
  • unclear creative inclinations
  • difficulty converting inspiration to action
  • inner chaos
  • escapist tendencies
  • timid about creative, feeling based exploration
  • attracted to meditative retreats
  • on path to be more devoted to one's ideals
  • on path to clearing internal illusions
Pluto Retrograde
  • unaware of own psychological tendencies
  • loses awareness of one's nuances in feeling
  • reclusive, withdrawn
  • not connected to one's own motivations
  • unconscious reactions
  • deepening perceptiveness
  • courageous explorer of one's psyche
  • on path to exploring one's depths
  • again appreciating one's own personal, subjective point of view
  • path to regeneration
  • on path to deeper heights of joy

What is the meaning of retrograde planets in the birth chart?

Retrograde planets are parts of the personality that operate in an inward, unconscious or delayed manner. They often reflect parts of ourselves we did not feel comfortable fully expressing as a child. Interestingly enough, the only planets that cannot be in retrograde are the Sun and Moon, the core parts of our personality and core element of our expression.

These are elements that we must develop by ourselves, on our own terms. People who have no retrogrades develop the most important parts of their life skills at a young age. But those with many, etch our their own individual path of healthy expression and mastery among these themes as they age.

An individual with many retrogrades in their natal chart are often individualistic, preferring to take a more solitary path in their life. They enjoy the complexities of their own character and appreciate time to reflect and ponder their own tendencies. To others, they can appear quite complex and layered in their personalities, with a mysterious charisma. But they are often deeply perceptive and insightful about the things happening around them.

What is the meaning of transiting retrograde planets?

At any moment in time, there can be one or more planets in the sky that are in retrograde. And they affect all of us, ushering in a time of reflection, a moment of pause. They can also reflect a time when things are more likely to go haywire, as reflected by the well-known "Mercury Retrograde".

The key to note with retrograde is that they open a portal to connect with unconscious and superconscious energies. They can usher in a potent time for self-understanding and self-directed activity that can make our lives much smoother and enable us to better connect to our own power.

Celebrities with many planets in retrograde: Natalie Morales, Lana Del Rey, Michael Pollan, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Henry David Thoreau, Hayden Christensen.

Celebrities with Mercury in Retrograde: J. R. R. Tolkien, Princess Diana, Frank Ocean, Miley Cyrus, G Eazy , Vince Staples , Jason Momoa .

Celebrities with Venus in Retrograde: Lisa Gerrard, Amy Winehouse , Ellen Degeneres .

Celebrities with Mars in Retrograde: Chris Weidman, Gary Vaynerchuk , Jim Morrison, Donald Trump Jr , Sarah Jessica Parker .

Celebrities with Jupiter in Retrograde: Danielle Bregoli , Oprah Winfrey , Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jenna Marbles , Naomi Campbell .

Celebrities with Saturn in Retrograde: Ron Killings, Leonardo DiCaprio, Blac Chyna , Stephen Hawking, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian .

Celebrities with Uranus in Retrograde: Demi Lovato , Bella Thorne , Erykah Badu , G Dragon, Jeff Bezos, John F Kennedy .

Celebrities with Neptune in Retrograde: M.K. Stalin, Chris Evans, Audrey Hepburn , Dwayne Johnson, Stevie Nicks , Heath Ledger .

Celebrities with Pluto in Retrograde: Quavo , Elvis Presley , Emma Watson, Tom Hiddleston, Melania Trump , J Balvin.

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