Custom Birth Chart Print


Overview The one-of-a-kind print displays your uniquely generated astrological chart.
Shimmering gold foil complements a dark starry circle center, elegantly displaying the planetary bodies at your time of birth.


  • Each print is customized to contain the unique shape of the choosen birth chart
  • Natural white, matte, ultra smooth background
  • Uses acid free archival paper and Epson inks for high-quality print
  • Prints are ready to ship within 3-4 business days

Print Details

Your print is professionally printed on a sheet of 8.5" x 14" matte archival paper. We chose this paper as its texture gives the black tones a nice ‘pop’ to them. The gold foiling is a multi-step process to complete: firstly it’s run through a monochrome laser jet to produce the corners and circle of the print. Then a gold foil sheet is placed over the print and run through a professional laminator. Once through the machine, the gold foil is peeled over leaving the newly minted gold elements behind. Lastly, your print is run through a professional ink jet printer to produce your chart diagram in the middle.

Shipping & Returns

Your print is wrapped in a eco friendly protective cover to prevent any water damage during transit, this is placed inside a mailing tube. Frame not included. Currently we only ship to our customers within the USA, using USPS. We charge $3 for shipping.