Free Astrology Widgets

Are you Interested in including one of our site tools on your personal blog or website?

We currently have a birth chart tool, a current planetary transit widget, and a moon phases widget to share with you. Simply copy/paste the associated code and place it anywhere within the html body of your website.

We love hearing from you. Let us know what other widget ideas you want on your website by contacting us through the form on the feedback page

Finally, read our widgets terms of use before installing them on your site. You can restyle the widget locally but please do not remove our logo.

Birth Chart Tool

Easily add a fully functioning birth chart tool to your website. Allows your visitors to easily see their beautiful natal chart, planets, aspects, and chart patterns.

Current Planetary Transits

Keep your website’s audience informed of the current planetary transits and unique chart patterns.

Moon Phases

Let your visitors keep track of the current moon phase. This widget includes the current moon phase and current sign the moon is in.