Scroll through time to see the changing Astrology sky chart

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We're excited to announce a new feature! At the Chart of the Moment page you can now scroll through time to see the ever changing astrology sky chart.

When you enter the Chart of the Moment page, you can set the location to any desired city of the world and view the astrology chart at that location now in time. But now you can also change the date by clicking forward or backward in day or month.

Quite simply, the left 'Month' button moves the chart 30 days backwards, while the right 'Month' button moves the chart 30 days forwards. The 'Day' button moves the chart in increments of one day.

You can see the chart really doesn't change much from day to day. It's mainly the Moon that shifts position noticeably. But you can use this tool to narrow down when exact patterns, retrogrades, and planetary patterns occur. In fact, the whole page will refresh as you click - including planets, aspects, and patterns.

Right now the chart can't be shifted by hour - this is a feature we are hoping to add in the future. So mostly the Ascendant will remain in a similar position, as it shifts very little at the same hour, day by day.

If you are curious about major Planetary Patterns during the month, also check out our Sky Events pages. Enjoy!

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