Symbolism of the Libra sign

Symbolism of the Libra sign

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Planetary Ruler
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Cardinal Air
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The Scales


The word 'Libra' means scales in Latin. The only inanimate symbol of the zodiac, the scales use a balance beam to compares masses of weight. This symbol dates back to Babylonian astrology. During this time, the scales were used in marriage rites by the bride's family to weigh the silver and gold presented to the groom. In Egyptian astrology, Libra was displayed as a disc above a bowl-like shape, said to represent the setting Sun above the Earth.

The scales symbolize the perfect equilibrium that is achieved when finding one's inner balance. This is particularly necessary when orienting ourselves within any type of relationship - with our mind, our soul, partners, friends, associates, the world and the cosmos. Without the balance point, one can go into excess on one side and lose track of one's own self. Libra is symbolized by the power of finding one's own center and inner harmony in relationship to all things.

Glyph It's glyph is a simplified drawing of the setting sun, as it falls at dusk. This is also related to the origin of the letter omega in the Greek alphabet. Also, Libra is connected to the 'Descendant' on an astrology chart, which indicates the astrology sign at the western horizon or setting at your time of birth.

Planetary Ruler Libra is associated with Venus, though its definitive ruler is unknown. It particularly connects with the Venus urge for one-to-one relationship; urge for cooperation and equality; desire for peace and harmony; desire to find contentment within the whole. This reflect's the fact that whatever we need to refine in ourselves, relationships tend to expose it. Libra seeks to be an authentic relationship with one's inner self, and not just a relationship with a partner.

Quality + Element The energy of Libra is additionally described by its quality + element: Cardinal (initiating, new, birthing) Air. Examples of the quality of the element in nature is a sudden movement of air such as the breeze, or wind.

What kind of person is a Libra?

When a person has their Sun in Libra, their core 'hero's journey', as represented by the Sun, reflects the qualities of Libra. As with all the signs, Libra energy can be in alignment or out of alignment - meaning there are ways it exudes it best properties and shines, and there are ways it flows out of wack.

Energy out of alignment:

Looking outside one's self for opinions / Indecisive, confused by the multitude of decisions / Co-dependent, unaware of one's own completeness / Seeking to please others rather than maintain self-hood

Attempts to be nice and not offend rather than offering an honest perspective / Superficial / Compromising to get agreement rather than holding space for fullest fulfillment for all

Energy is in alignment:

An aerial, light, ethereal style / A harmonious presence / A balanced, heart-centered approach to life

Seeking to find inner equilibrium / Seeking to find joy in one's relationships and environment, irrespective of the actions of others / Seeking to find self-hood and center while understanding a larger whole

Friendly, sociable presence / Meaningful yet cordial interactions / An eye for symmetry / A multifaceted perspective, able to voice a diversity of viewpoints

Famous Individuals with planets in Libra

Kim Kardashian (Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces)
Thom Yorke (Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries)
Neil deGrasse Tyson (Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer)
Kate Winslet (Sun in Libra, Moon in Libra, Ascendant in Libra)

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