The houses through Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

The houses through Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

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IV-Drip Hydration through the Houses

Are you ready to plug in? Get a little ether in your blood? ;)

There's no rush, as the transformative energies have been and will be working us for some time to come. How does 2025 grab you? That's for Neptune. Chiron, however, transits into Aries April 2018, so we want to use this time most efficiently, to reach the onset of soul healing, allowing it to express its evolutionary design before transiting into cardinal fire. But how…

Here we take a trip through the zodiac to look at the infusing sway that Neptune and Chiron have on your natal chart and how you can meet it head-on (and heart-on and mind-on!). Do have a look at your progressed and solar return charts to cross-reference the following material, to see if it resonates with your conditions. By approaching this divine energy from several perspectives, we have a better chance of understanding how it presents in our daily lives, and gives us the opportunity for deeper self-knowledge.

Engage the energy before it engages you.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces through the Houses

First House

First House: You might feel like you have a permanent restraining order on you, wondering why your get-up-and-go feels absent. This liquid sunrise opposes your solar cardinal fire, to allow you to slow down and get in touch with a subtler vibe. Let down your hair in a slo-mo shake and try a water snake dance (or the equivalent of that!).

Second House

Second House: Let Neptune and Chiron irrigate your earthly sensuality and maybe do some of that clean-up around the house and garden you've been meaning to! Self-love is at the ready and when you care for your home and plants (someone else's plants or garden) you offer self-love to others by extension. Share the generous love you have to give. Squish soil between your fingers and toes and feel connected to that solidity and power.

Third House

Third House: Write, write, write! With Mercury now direct in Leo, you can competently handle this intense, squaring energy by getting your more emotional thoughts out and down on paper (or screen). There'll be flashes of intuitive brilliance coming through, and try not to let nervous energy derail the task, breathe deeply and write. Some of you are probably pro writers, so this won't come as a huge surprise ;)

Fourth House

Fourth House: There's a major nourishment theme here with trines to the natal water houses. I see building a water feature in your home garden, or creating space for the darker silvery colors of the spectrum. Let your feminine/masculine (polarity point Capricorn) intuition work for you. Mainly, stay in posture at the shoreline while you surrender your worries to wash out to sea, and feel the god & goddess within you. Yep, it's intense and equally divine!

Fifth House

Fifth House: You have a great opportunity here to make a constructive self-criticism list, nothing too harsh, because you have the archetypal artist to attend to. Venus is gaining momentum in the fifth-house ruler Leo, so can offer a balanced year of self-reflection and creative structure. What can you fuel with your creative fire for the benefit of all?

Sixth House

Sixth House: This stands in opposition to the natal Piscean ether… keep in mind you're a two-sided puzzle. Bring your schedule but make room for change. This trifecta Neptune < > Chiron < > polarity point can soften your otherwise harsh self-judgment and let you tap into the deeper sensuality that the Virgo archetype brings. Try something spontaneous that whispers magic in your ear.

Seventh House

Seventh House: With similar needs to the fifth-house self-criticism department, let the "other" be for a while so you can tune into your seventh-house ruler Venus and her higher octave Neptune. This is time for connecting to the divine and act as a bridge to its love: you be "other" this time, receiving intravenous bliss from your creator.

Eigth House

Eighth House: Here's an honest-to-goodness antenna up from your psyche to the farthest reals of space and time. Let this symbol of heightened awareness take the shape of a caduceus and allow its hum to simply draw upward the deeper beauty in you. This will allow you to release a few agonies that are getting in the way of self-worth issues, detach from your pain body and let the deepest underground streams cleanse your soul. Intuit!

Ninth House

Ninth House: Saturn just went direct in Sagittarius, so, do a happy dance and realize your deeper truths. Loving the learning through this release of tension will get that ether into your higher truth and integrity system. Stick to the game plan you built while Saturn was retrograde and let your creative juices flow, like the sap rising in the trees.

Tenth House

Tenth House: The tide is high and it's time to let your boat float where it needs to be. You'll be equally pleased that your ruler Saturn has gone direct and now it's time to let the flotsam and jetsam be netted for recycling. Clear your water pipes, that is, occasional fasting day wouldn't hurt, with a lot of purified water. Purge unnecessary emotion that you've been holding on to while you're at it. Build something tangible.

Eleventh House

Eleventh House: Here genius sits on the tip of your watering tongue ? It might feel slightly out of reach, but focus on letting the feeling side to you be free. Now, I don't mean your natural compassionate state, I mean try to look at where you feel things in your body, emotions, sensations beyond the physical and mental. This connection to your vaguer signature will call on your ruler Uranus in Aries to warm up that hidden genius to do some serious good for you and others. Let it out!

Twelfth House

Twelfth House: You know already. Do the world a favor and allow the vague and diffuse become clear and potent. Pure love.

To summarize: If we cross-reference our natal, solar return, and progressed charts to incorporate these exercises, we cover the major bases to receive the drops of healing that only Neptune and Chiron working together in Pisces can bring. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—let your soul begin to dance to the beat. Drip, drip, drip…

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