Healing through Neptune and Chiron

Healing through Neptune and Chiron

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This article will help to identify the aspects that present themselves as tools, to gain the best possible handle on how to use this solarized and soulful evolutionary opportunity productively. Close your eyes; dive in, and—when the time is right—open them boldly to a new world, where peace reigns and the smoothest of gentle relief unfolds. Here is where deep healing begins.

It's time to allow empathy to mature into compassion, so we can be present on a markedly life-changing level, to help heal ourselves and others.

First consider which life area you experience as vague or diffuse? This is Neptune working its lower vibe. Next, discover moments when you feel the sting of emotional pain, even in the slightest. Chiron's idling and pervasive pain might be obvious, though it often remains stealthily subtle, so you might have to up your self-observation game for these Neptune & Chiron influences.

Third step, integrate the Virgo archetype into your daily schedule, according to those areas you have previously identified as vague and diffuse (Neptune) + stinging pain (Chiron). Let's call them "areas identified" (AI) for short. Got discipline? Not to worry if you lack it a bit, because the current transits to Virgo will boost your grounding and plowing power, literally and figuratively! The firmament has you covered: Vesta, Sun, Mars, and Mercury in its mission control Virgo will happily ignite (Sun/Mars) the Virgo archetype, lending a balancing quality to your AI that helps discern their whereabouts even further.

You see, as a general set of guiding principles, it's impossible to know where everyone's Pisces sits, but if you know your chart, you could access Part 2 of this series to help further define your AI. If you don't know your natal chart, here's a great introductory route to explore an otherwise huge amount of information, by tackling one house at a time. And why not start with Pisces, and heal through the zodiac retrospectively? Bonus.

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Virgo Archetype

A practical integrator, health-conscious Virgo wants to analyze through logic on the way to purification and perfection. At some point the Piscean energy must unite with this polarity to bring in active surrender. Conversely, with Neptune and Chiron transiting Pisces, surrender might be all you want to do, and it is imperative to reunite with its Virgo match. Can we see the balance, if only temporarily? That's the bull's eye, the 6th/12th-house axis sweet spot. Hitting the mark will inspire truth, and Spirit just takes it from there. Ideally, this integration mode is the practice for all six polarity points (12 signs), which takes notable self-love to approach: believing how capable you are defines the journey.

Pick several of the following ten exercises, and apply them daily, as a discipline to your AI: commit to a task and do not break the commitment, start small (fresh lemon water at the same hour each morning)

  • specific acts of kindness, random aside
  • prepare a "special" notebook in which to jot down your AI
  • do not gossip or indulge in sarcasm
  • pick one of your pronounced skills and offer to the universe that you are ready to teach it as a service
  • color outside the lines, but define the zone ?
  • remember there is no box, no need to think outside it!
  • sweat more
  • nature walk
  • martial art

'How shall a man judge what to do in such times?' 'As he ever has judged,' said Aragorn. 'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear... It is a man's part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house. - J.R.R. Tolkien

Taking a closer look at Chiron, one can see that it's a perfect (Virgo) time to sever your pain-body roots, allowing you to detach from habitual suffering patterns. Some people experience addiction to sadness or grief. Further discerning the AI, and allowing them to "work" through you (Virgo), releasing (Pisces) and being attentive to the release (get support if you need it!), any empathic or chronic emotional pain can then turn into compassion for self and others. Compassion is the transformed state of empathy, and naturally heals the environment around you and, by association, those that are in your environment, and so on. Centrifugal love.

Take some time to ask yourself what and how you'd like to heal, and invite the current transiting aspects to Virgo to support you in that task. Then just wait for the response… You are a perfect love filter, a prism, simply refract the divine!

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