Yoko Takahashi

August 28, 1966
Pajapan, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico
a square Square
a hortizontal line with two lines meeting to form a 90 degree angle underneath it Quincunx
a cross with a line hortizontally running through the middle of them Sextile
two circles with a line connecting them Opposition
an equalilateral triangle Trine
Minor aspects


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Yōko Takahashi (高橋 洋子 Takahashi Yōko, born August 28, 1966) is a Japanese singer from Tokyo, best known for performing "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" (残酷な天使のテーゼ Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze), the opening theme song of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. She also performs the closing theme, an "acid bossa" version of "Fly Me to the Moon" and "Tamashii no Rufuran" (魂のルフラン Tamashii no Rufuran, Refrain of Soul), the closing theme of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. She also performed "Metamorphose," the opening theme to studio Gainax's 20th anniversary series, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, the ending theme "Yoake Umarekuru Shōjo" (夜明け生まれ来る少女 The Girl who was Born at Dawn) for the anime Shakugan no Shana (灼眼のシャナ Blazing-Eyed Shana) and the opening theme "Aoki Flamme" for Pumpkin Scissors (パンプキン・シザーズ Panpukin Shizāzu) She is also Arimi Matsuno's sister-in-law.


You can think of the planets as symbolizing core parts of the human personality, and the signs as different colors of consciousness through which they filter through.
Using Sidereal Planetary Positions
Because the birth time information is missing for this chart, the Moon may range up to 6° before or after this position.


The aspects describe the geometric angles between the planets. Each shape they produce has a different meaning.

Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are a collection of aspects that are grouped together to reveal a larger geometric pattern within the chart.

Special Features of this Chart

The section describes some additional features of this chart. Note the inner planets refer to Sun to Jupiter, as well as the Ascendant and MC, and represent the core parts of the personality.

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Click here to show this chart's declinations. Declinations are a rarely used piece of information in astrology. They reflect a planet's distance north or south of the celestial equator. more info

Parallels occur when two planets are at the same declination, both in the north or south. They are considered to have the same effect as conjunctions. Contraparallels are when one star in the north and another in the south are at the same declination. They are considered to have the same effect as oppositions.