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Guide To Your Synastry Chart


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Discover your relationship’s unique voice. As we combine your birth data along with your partner's, to reveal your relationship’s unique strengths and growth areas.

  • Detailed interpretations exploring the planetary aspects you share with your partner
  • Over 20 page report with clear diagrams, contained in an easy to read format.
  • Report is a PDF delivered to your email.

A Synastry chart overlays two individual's birth charts to provide an astrological 'map' of the terrain of your relationship. With over 20 pages of clear diagrams of your shared planetary aspects and detailed interpretations, this guide can shed new light on your interactions together.

This guide is designed to be accessible by all levels of astrology lovers and is guided by an evolutionary perspective of astrology, seeking to see the value and highest expression of each aspect, as well as growth opportunities together.

How does Astro-Charts see astrology?

At Astro-Charts, we see you as the creator of your self, your life, and your reality. We do not believe that astrology defines the fullness and infinite nature of who you are. However, we do see astrology as a rough framework for abstract energy patterns and themes in one's life. These energy patterns are often expressed differently from individual to individual depending on one's level of awareness and desire to utilize them.

In our reports, we seek to find the highest expression of each possible pattern and configuration. We believe each pattern has to potential to be realized as joyful and positive. The power of astrology is that it can enable the individual to gain more clarity, make more empowered choices about who they wish to be, and reap their gifts more intentionally.

"As is above, as is below". If on some level, everything is intricately connected, it can be argued that the "energy" held in the configuration of the planets at your birth are being reflected in you. Every configuration is unique, like the variety of sizes and shapes of a snowflake. Astrology is an interesting way to explore abstract patterns, and explore our greater connection to the cosmos.

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