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How does Astro-Charts see astrology?

At Astro-Charts, we see you as the creator of your self, your life, and your reality. We do not believe that astrology defines the full nature of who you are. However, we do see astrology as a rough framework for abstract energy patterns and themes in one's life. These energy patterns are often expressed differently from individual to individual depending on one's level of awareness and desire to utilize them.

In our reports, we seek to find the highest expression of each possible pattern and configuration. We believe each pattern has the potential to be realized as joyful and positive. The power of astrology is that it can enable the individual to gain more clarity, make more empowered choices about who they wish to be, and reap their gifts more intentionally.

"As is above, as is below". If on some level, everything is intricately connected, it can be argued that the "energy" held in the configuration of the planets at your birth are being reflected in you. Every configuration is unique. Astrology is a way to explore abstract patterns, and explore our greater connection to the cosmos.

Does the report include interpretations for the asteroids or the North Node?

We provide brief interpretations for Chiron and the North Node but our reports center around the primary planets.

Do you take into account Daylight Savings time?

Yes! You do not need to adjust birth times (for daylight savings) when creating charts on this site. We use a comprehensive database of international daylight savings times.

Which currency are your prices listed in?

When you buy, you are charged in USD - dollars in the United States.

How in detail does this report go?

In this report we explore unique astrological insights about the strengths and challenges of your chart, but it is not equivalent to the in-depth information provided by a personal one on one session with an astrologer.

Is there a sample report to view?

You can view sample pages for the Guide to Your Astrology Birth Chart here. You can view a sample for the Guide to Your Synastry Chart here.

All information on our refund and shipping policy can be found on our shop policy page.

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