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We welcome contributions from everyone in the community. We love hearing your many unique voices. Writing for us allows your voice to inspire and educate a global audience.

Broad guidelines on content we like:

Astro-Charts is, first and foremost, an astrology site, and we welcome articles exploring, educating, and sharing the many facets of astrology. But, we also welcome content outside of astrology which keep in the theme of spirituality, health, and wellness. Anything outside of the aforementioned topics is not for us.

Specific topics:

Astrology: Explore, educate, or share anything and everything about astrology. We do ask that your content be accessible for people of all levels of astrology expertise.

Spirituality, health, and wellness: Share your inspirational practice, journey, story, modality, or voice.

Above all we love content that is aligned with Astro-Chart’s values of positivity, inspiration and accessibility. If you resonate with that, please join us in infusing these values into our community. Be sure to look at the content already on our site to get a gauge on our tone. Lastly, through trial and error we’ve learned to stay away from topics that are divisive in nature, so please refrain from surefire hot button topics.

Some please do's and some please don'ts


  • Be original: All content submitted must be original. The content cannot be published already or scheduled to be published anywhere else online.

  • Start strong: Quickly get the reader up to speed about what you’re going to talk about. Start with a concise introduction that outlines what you are going to write about.

  • Have a good title: Think of a title that will snag the reader's attention.

  • Be authentic: We have found our readers resonate with authenticity. You do you!


  • We don't post content that already appears elsewhere online.
  • We don't post content that are an advertisement for a service or brand.

To submit your content, email us at :

  • Your full post with title

  • All images you want included in your post (images must be under creative commons if you don’t own the pictures)

  • At the bottom of each article there's a “bio" section promoting all of your information. For this please provide:

    • A photo of you
    • Your name and title you’d like to use for yourself
    • A brief bio of yourself (120 words or less)
    • Your personal websites and social media

Alternatively, you can post all of the above using our form below:


Last details:

Please submit only one post at a time. We do read every post submitted. If your post has been accepted, expect it to be run within two weeks of your submission. If your post does not run after 2 week of your initial submission, your post has not been selected. But, please feel free to submit another post after the 2 week period.