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Enchanted Moon Phase Calendar


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Tune in with the moon and have fun following along tracking your cycles.

  • Annual calendar customized to your timezone and hemisphere.
  • Displaying your exact local times of Full Moons, New Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Equinoxes, and Solstices.
  • Printed on 12 x 100 lb eco-friendly Ultra Bright White Yardstick paper (8 1/2" x 11”).
  • Available as a downloadable PDF.

Track the cycles of the Moon as it whirls around the Earth. Explore the rhythms of the mystical silver crescent.

This Moon Phase Calendar is carefully crafted to show times and dates specific to your time zone. We support all international time zones.

The calendar itself is sent as 12 cards for each month, printed on eco-friendly recycled bright white cardstock. Use the calendar to easily observe moon cycles and cultivate a deeper connection with the way the lunar phases affect our day to day cycles and environment.

Can I buy the calendar mid-year?

Yes! You can either buy the calendar for next 12 months from your purchase date, or for the upcoming full year.

How do the Moon Phases differ from the Northern and Southern hemisphere?

The Moon phases are flipped in the two hemispheres. Whereas the Northern hemisphere may see the Sun's light moving across the moon from right to left, the Southern Hemisphere sees it moving from left to right.

An analogy to explain this is: imagine two people are standing across each other (such as across the equator) looking a ball between them. As light passes across the ball, it will be moving from one individual's left side and the other's right side.

Do the Full Moon, New Moon, Solar or Lunar Eclipses occur at different times for different locations around the world?

The timing of all of these events occurs essentially at the same moment everywhere on the Earth. However, the local times in these regions will naturally vary. Naturally, at the given moment of these events, half of the earth may be away from the moon or not along specific bands that best see the exact alignment of the planets during the eclipses.

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