The Month Ahead: Transits for May 2018

Here we explore all the significant transits traversing through the month of May.

May 1st - 10th

The start of May is quiet, with no major aspects until May 6th.

Although there is a relative level of stellar silence, there are two mild aspects to Venus early on. First, a sextile between the North Node and Venus on May 2nd, and then again on May 3rd, with a sextile between Venus and Ceres. Sextiles are a weak aspect, but they do engender harmony; with these two Venus configurations, there may be something pleasingly straightforward about Venusian matters - art, love, romance, luxuries, and pleasure.

On May 6th, the Sun in Taurus connects to Neptune in Pisces, adding a soft and dreamy backdrop to the day. As always with any Neptune aspects, the dream is the thing. Set your mind towards fantasy and fiction and leave facts for another day.

Venus joins the daydream on May 7th when she squares Neptune. Put aside your rose-tinted sunnies: when Venus collides with Neptune, there can be illusion and delusions in romance and all things femme. It may be best to let your swiping hand take a rest, or, to stay as grounded as you can in the face of new paramours. Some may seem decidedly less alluring once Neptune's fog lifts (and some may find a way - even in all that fog - to show you who they really are).

Helpfully, on the same day, Mercury will make a strong aspect to Pluto as it makes a gentle one to asteroid Pallas-Athena. Your perceptions are likely to be psychic and attuned to power dynamics, a handy tool as Venus and Neptune cloud the field with their deceptively dreamy emanations.

Vesta stations retrograde on May 8th and will stay retrograde until August 1st this year, backtracking through Capricorn until she reaches twenty-two degrees of Sagittarius. Vesta's world is one of tunnel vision, and her ability to stay on task is second to none. In Capricorn, she may have been in a punishing pursuit towards achievement, and in Sagittarius, she may find herself wandering off in search of spirit.

Only a few hours after Vesta's retrograde begins, she squares asteroid Juno. The suggestion here is that a particular twosome may find themselves at cross-purposes. If your mate in love or business seems to be wandering down a path you cannot see yourself pursuing, pause for a moment to consider where you're headed and why, and if your connection can weather these changes.

On the same day, you may need to revisit your commitments when Jupiter in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. Jupiter lives - and promises - large. He doesn't always deliver, but only because there are not enough hours in the day for the big guy to squeeze in all his splendor. Today, you may end up doing things writ large or struggle to cope with all of what you set out to accomplish. You may just as likely find yourself distracted from your to-do list by impending pleasures that seem entirely too enticing to pass up. My view? Make merry and enjoy the ride - the next ten days are set to shake your tree.

May 11th - 20th

The middle of the month packs a punch. Or, make that punches.

Things start off simply enough, with a trine between the Sun and Pluto on May 11th. Using Pluto's dark mirror and powers of perception, you may be ready to look within and make transformative overhauls across the part of your chart ruled by Taurus and Capricorn. If required, you'll be able to handle your sense of power with a soft touch, deftly moving people into place as you need, while avoiding any unnecessary frictions.

The next few days, things start to heat up on various fronts.

May 12th is notable for two reasons: firstly, it holds a touchy square between Mars and Mercury. Words are likely to spill forth quickly and brutally. With Mercury in Aries - which never backs down - and Mars in Capricorn - a formidable opponent - you may want to watch out for getting embroiled in a war of words.

On the same day, Mars moves into the shadow of its upcoming retrograde, which starts next month on June 26th and ends August 27th. Today may reveal through actions and messages what will need to be unfolded during the Mars retrograde, which will naturally call up a review of our drives, motivations, and aggression. To that end, take considerable note of both May 16th and May 20th, as both days hold aspects between Mars, Uranus, and Chiron which will repeat during and after the Mars retrograde.

Things only become more charged May 13th as Mercury conjoins Uranus during its final moments in Aries. This date may be the final swan song of the lessons Uranus has tried to goad you into learning over the past seven years when it entered Aries. In addition to its role as a catalyst for change and disruption, Uranus also often acts as a higher octave of Mercury's cerebral gifts. Keep a notepad nearby - it's altogether possible that today may find you switched on and supercharged with ideas and inventions ripping through your mind faster than you can write them down. Later, Mercury will enter Taurus, where we'll be counting on the slow, paced manner of Taurus to keep us mentally grounded as the rest of the week unfolds.

May 15th is possibly the most important day of the year, astrologically speaking. Today, Uranus enters Taurus, where it will stay off and on for the next seven years. This first passage of Uranus in Taurus serves as a foreshadowing of what's to unfold, as Uranus will eventually turn back to visit Aries one last time between November 6th, 2018 and March 6th, 2019. From now until November, you're being gifted a front row preview to the next area of your life in need of a top to tails overhaul. Being a fixed earth sign that values stability, Taurus is likely to be a discomfiting residence for Uranus, who lives by the seat of his pants. Dependable bastions of security are likely to be upended, and with Taurus' innate connection to nature, it's likely that Uranus' transit here will awaken us to the uncomfortable truths of our little blue planet's delicate ecology.

The New Moon in Taurus on the same day feels like a ceremonial initiation for Uranus in Taurus, although Uranus will still be in the very final degrees of Aries. With both Sun and Moon in trine to Mars and Pluto, there will be ample amounts of energy on hand to fuel much-needed change. The lunation ruler Venus paired with asteroid Pallas-Athena suggests that this transformation may occur within the realms of our inner feminine or in the public sphere via a wave of feminine force. LGBTQ activism and rights may be particularly highlighted today, kicking off a new cycle of speaking truth to power (another interpretation of Mars square Mercury).

There's no rest for the weary, so things will continue at a breakneck pace on May 16th. Most importantly, today holds the first of three Mars-Uranus squares which will occur again on August 2nd and September 19th. Mars is gasoline and Uranus is a rocket ship: together, we may end up blasting to infinity and beyond, and sometimes we'll do so long before we're certain on where we're headed. Disruptions can occur which force us into action whether we like it or not. If you can help it, try and wait until this aspect reveals itself further. As Mars rules eruptions, it's also possible that anger and frustration may unexpectedly rear their heads.

A touchy aspect between partnerships may unfold today, and for some, this might spell the end. With a tight square between Juno in Aries, who seeks independence in her relationships, and Saturn in Capricorn, who kowtows to tradition in all its forms, you may find yourself pulled between two entirely different impulses. The Mercury-Vesta trine will create the right atmosphere for focused on how you might overcome the schism between freedom and responsibility in your relationships.

Things start to cool down starting May 18th. The Mercury-Saturn trine on the same day will create a perfect atmosphere for solid, even-keeled communication - which may be sorely needed after such an intense week of upheaval and change. With Mercury also squaring the Nodes, messages received or sent today could end up as a tipping point moment, so use your words carefully.

Venus enters Cancer on May 19th, a much cozier abode for her ladyship after a flighty, chatty transit through Gemini. On the same day, Venus will wink in Uranus' direction, adding sizzle to new romances (especially if they started online) and a freeing, devil-may-care attitude to love and luxuries.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. Happy Birthday, Geminis.

May 21st - 31st

Pallas-Athena follows in Venus' footsteps and enters Cancer May 21st, where she will stay until July 12th. In Cancer, Pallas-Athena's psychic faculties are based on gut instincts and bodily response. The lunar sensibility of Cancer may lead Pallas-Athena to find a different, intuitive rhythm in the coming months. With a connection to Uranus today, Pallas-Athena may generate enlightening creativity.

Between May 22nd and May 23rd, a temporary T-square will form between Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury Taurus, both of which will square Ceres in Leo. Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter usually thinks and talks too much; sometimes, that spills over into pompous dramatizations, internally and externally. At the same time, Mercury-Jupiter in any formation can bring out our inner bard (although with the opposition this is equally likely to bring out our inner diva). As best you can, don't let your thoughts or words get away from you.

The hard aspects to Ceres from Mercury and Jupiter may make it appear as if nurturance is in short supply. Our loved ones, or even ourselves, may be wrapped up in personal ambitions to the detriment of our intimacy. With that energy floating around, we may turn elsewhere for support, notably, to food and anything that 'fills us up.' Some may also be or receive coddling, which is in truth no real replacement for the caring you might have sought in the first place. If you're after an escape hatch, the Sun-Mars trine on May 23rd may give you ample get-up-and-go to shake off these heavy-handed mommy dearest vibes and get back in the saddle.

May 25th is likely to be one of the better days of the month. Though today is not fused with cheap and easy feel-goods, there's a strong, transformative dynamic that can bring our creative dreams into manifest reality. When combined, Mercury and Pluto produce precision par excellence; our minds may be razor-sharp, missing nothing and sensing everything.

The Jupiter-Neptune trine on the same day is one of the only outer planet aspects of 2018. Jupiter trine Neptune gets us out of our ego-enhancing ways and in better touch with our inner voice. When Jupiter's insights collide with the healing nature of Neptune, the pace of our lives receives a much-needed deceleration, which in turn opens up a space for incoming inspiration, art, and creations.

The next day, however, may feel like a rather hard come down after the floaty vibes of Jupiter and Neptune. May 26th holds an opposition between Venus and Saturn. Saturn likes to clamp down on the kinds of petty indulgences Venus normally loves. Indeed, there may be a sense of being denied a choice pleasure and handed a to-do list instead, or, of a lingering sense of low self-worth that pervades the day. May 26th is also not an ideal for luxurious or big-ticket purchases (Saturn usually dredges up buyer's remorse, which tends to kill the mood).

May 27th may be best used for gravitating towards one's personal process. The Vesta-Pallas opposition may make us simultaneously fuzzy-brained and self-focused, circling the drain as we visit, and re-visit, our limitations. Answers are likely to evade us today, so use the time you have for exploring what's there, instead of trying to fix it.

Mercury, who is moving awfully quick now, will enter Gemini on May 29th after spending only two weeks in Taurus. Gemini is one of Mercury's home signs, so you can expect the speed of communication to ramp up starting today. Your mind may feel extra agile and alert, and ready to take in tons of new information. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the same day holds peachy aspects between Sun, Moon, Mars, and the Nodes. Using the separating trine between Jupiter and Neptune, you may find ways to release old hurts that no longer serve you.

The next day, Mercury sextiles Chiron, fostering a soft, healing mood that may come by word or WhatsApp.

This may be just what we need to close off May - a month to remember.

Best days: May 11th (Sun trine Pluto), May 25th (Mercury trine Pluto, Jupiter trine Neptune)

Toughest days: May 16th (Mars square Uranus, Saturn square Juno), May 26th (Venus opposite Saturn)

Astrology Transits for April 2018 (transits are written for EST times):

  • May 2nd - Venus sextile the North Node (Gemini - Leo 12°)
  • May 3rd - Venus sextile Ceres (Gemini - Leo 11°)
  • May 6th - Sun sextile Neptune (Taurus - Pisces 15°)
  • May 7th - Mercury sextile Pallas (Aries - Gemini 21°), Venus square Neptune (Gemini - Pisces 16°), Mercury square Pluto (Aries - Capricorn 21°)
  • May 8th - Sun opposite Jupiter (Taurus - Scorpio 18°), Vesta square Juno (Capricorn - Aries 4°), Vesta stations retrograde
  • May 11th - Sun trine Pluto (Taurus - Capricorn 21°)
  • May 12th - Mercury square Mars (Aries - Capricorn 28°)
  • May 13th - Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aries 29°), Mercury enters Taurus
  • May 15th - New Moon in Taurus, Uranus enters Taurus
  • May 16th - Juno trine the North Node (Aries - Leo 8°), Mercury trine Vesta (Taurus - Capricorn 4°), Mars square Uranus (Aquarius - Taurus 0°), Saturn square Juno (Capricorn - Aries 8°), Mars enters Aquarius
  • May 17th - Venus conjunct asteroid Pallas-Athena (Gemini 27°)
  • May 18th - Mercury trine Saturn (Taurus - Capricorn 8°), Mercury square the Nodes (Taurus - Aquarius/Leo 8°)
  • May 19th - Venus enters Cancer, Venus sextile Uranus (Cancer - Taurus 0°)
  • May 20th - The Sun enters Gemini, Venus square Chiron (Cancer - Aries 1, Venus enters Cancer), Mars sextile Chiron (Aquarius - Aries 1°)
  • May 21st - Asteroid Pallas-Athena enters Cancer, Uranus sextile asteroid Pallas-Athena (Taurus - Cancer 0°)
  • May 22nd - Mercury sextile Neptune (Taurus - Pisces 16°), Venus opposite Vesta (Cancer - Capricorn 4°), the Sun sextile Chiron (Gemini - Aries 1°), Jupiter square Ceres (Scorpio - Leo 16°)
  • May 23rd - Sun trine Mars (Gemini - Aquarius 2°), Mercury opposite Jupiter (Taurus - Scorpio 16°), Mercury square Ceres (Taurus - Leo 16°)
  • May 24th - Chiron square asteroid Pallas-Athena (Aries - Cancer 1°)
  • May 25th - Mercury trine Pluto (Taurus - Capricorn 21°), Jupiter trine Neptune (Scorpio - Pisces 16°)
  • May 26th - Venus opposite Saturn (Cancer - Capricorn 8°)
  • May 27th - Venus opposite Pallas-Athena (Capricorn - Cancer 3°)
  • May 28th - Sun sextile the North Node (Gemini - Leo 7°)
  • May 29th - Mercury enters Gemini, the Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • May 30th - Mercury sextile Chiron (Gemini - Aries 1°)