The Month Ahead: Transits for April 2018

Here we navigate through the wins and challenges of April's upcoming transits.

April 1st - 10th

The first day of April holds both Easter and April Fool's Day as well as an important Astrological event: the inferior conjunction of Mercury retrograde with the Sun. Like a 'New Moon' for Mercury, today starts a new cycle of learning that unfolds between now and June 6th, 2018. Today is also the midway point of Mercury's retrograde in Aries, which may be handy for unveiling what you've needed to review during this transit, and why. April Fool's Day jokes may be particularly cunning this year; Mercury is often referred to as a 'trickster' God and was well-known for pulling pranks on his Mount Olympus brethren.

Also on April 1st, Vesta enters Capricorn. As the sacred spiritual servant, Vesta's daily flagellations may take on an ultra-punishing austerity. Vesta is already all-work no-play, but in the persistent, rugged sign of Capricorn, she may become a put-upon priestess. Structurally, she'll build sound vessels and hold herself and others to only the highest standards. Achievement may come easy during her transit of Capricorn but so too will overtime and underappreciation. Be sure to schedule in some off time, lest you burn out your eternal flame.

April 2nd holds one of the touchiest days of the year when Mars and Saturn meet in Capricorn. Traditionally, this configuration has always been considered the bearer of ills, being that Mars and Saturn are the two malefics of the Astrological pantheon. Mars wants to go, and Saturn wants to stop; Mars jumps into conflict as an offended Saturn haughtily withdraws. There may be a frustrating, incinerating feeling of being caught between a rock and a hard place. More positively, however, is the persistence that can result when Mars and Saturn meet up. Faced with struggles, you may take the long view (Saturn) and only direct your will (Mars) on that which will get you where you want slowly, step by step (Capricorn).

The rest of the week hold further challenging aspects: Mercury in retrograde squares both Mars and Saturn this week, on April 4th and 5th, respectively. With Mercury square Mars, there may be rash statements, piercing words, or heated discussion; with Mercury square Saturn, you may feel as if you've hit the wall. As much as you can, and especially on April 4th, when your sense of self-value may not be sky-high thanks to a Venus-Ceres square, aim to observe and take in what's happening without reacting. These are not days to shoot from your hip or seek external validation.

Things start to settle down from April 5th, as we build towards the Venus-Saturn trine on April 7th. Normally, Venus and Saturn may not be a very sexy combo, but after this kind of week, their brand of beige may be just what's required. Venus and Saturn in trine make for cementing long-term entanglements in love and money (it's also superb as a wedding aspect). If you're looking to get settled, delete your Apps, and couple up, this is just your kind of day.

April 9th and 10th are good days for mental pursuits: a series of aspects between Mercury, Ceres, and Pallas-Athena will ensure your grey matter is suffused with enough love (Ceres), brilliance (Mercury), and creativity (Pallas-Athena) to drum your way through all manner of creative pursuits.

Also spreading across April 9th and 10th are helpful aspects to Juno, Goddess of Marriage from Jupiter and Pluto. Partnerships may feel generous and meaningful on these days, and with those feel-good vibes floating in the ethers, you may find your relationship shape-shifting into a new form.

April 11th - 20th

The middle of April holds the least bumpy terrain of the month, although there are some serious shifts in store here as Chiron enters Aries for the first time since 1968.

First, however, Venus will trine Mars on April 11th, and this glorious aspect will unfold with both planets in perfectly comfy places. Venus is in Taurus - it's home sign - while Mars is in Capricorn - it's sign of exaltation. In general, this bodes well for getting stuff done: you'll likely have the finesse (Venus) and the drive (Mars) to start ticking things off your to-do list. Romantically, this could be a swipe-come-true scenario, as this aspect has a reputation for seriously sexual overtones. On the same day, the Sun in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn. Typically, this suggests some level of power struggles; in combination with the Venus-Mars trine, this could add a level of friendly, playful innuendo to anything relationship-related.

A few days later, both Venus and Mars make soft, but helpful aspects to Neptune. Venus sextiles Neptune on April 12th, which may mean that any romantic initiations which were undertaken the day before may feel ultra-dreamy. Mars sextiles Neptune on April 14th, imbuing the day with an idealistic, creative impulse.

Also, on April 14th, the second of three Jupiter-Pluto sextiles occur. Jupiter's expansive nature in contact with Pluto's hyper-focused agenda for transformation; the opportunity to powerfully shift the areas of your chart ruled by Scorpio and Capricorn is ripe.

Mercury stations direct on April 15th, having been retrograde since March 22nd. He still needs several days to clear his ‘shadow’ period (which doesn't occur until May 4th), so continue to count on delays and difficulties if you have big plans for anything Mercury-related (travel, contracts, negotiations, communications).

Also, on April 15th is the ultra-spicy New Moon in Aries. Aries is bold enough on its own, but with a conjunction between Sun, Moon, and Uranus, and a trine to true Black Moon Lilith, this is seriously hot to the touch Astrology. At this New Moon, there may be an urgent need to break free; others may feel a surging connection to their inner wild woman. Whatever comes up, it will be hard to keep it under wraps: feelings, emotions, and circumstances might come to a boiling, bursting head.

April 17th is one of the busiest Astro-days of the month. Starting us off, Chiron enters Aries, where it will be until September 25th this year. I've previously written about this transit:

'And in the beginning...there was Aries. Often mistaken as the ‘child’ of the Zodiac, Aries is more accurately embodies the initiating energy powering all new beginnings. An essential question Aries always seeks to answer is: "Who am I? In what ways am I the same as others, and in what ways do I differ? What parts of me, exactly, are the parts that make me, ME?' Chiron, therefore, as a point of both the wounding we suffer and the wisdom that eventually heals those wounds, will be swept into a dissection of identity as part of this transit. Healing may focus on issues of identity and the self, anger, aggressiveness, and wounded leaders. We may be called to strike out on a unique path - our own person 'Hero's Journey' - instead of following societal norms.'

Also, on the same day, Saturn, which rules matters of discipline, work ethic, struggle, and authority, stations retrograde at 9 degrees of Capricorn. Already a slow-moving planet, Saturn will now appear to move backward in the sky at a snail's pace, re-tracing his steps until he reaches 2 degrees of Capricorn. This is the first retrograde transit we've had since Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017, making the period between today and September 6th, 2018 ripe for assessing just how well you've been responding to Saturn's credo of 'do or die' (adjust accordingly!).

Still further on April 17th, Venus will trine Pluto and oppose Jupiter. The Venus-Jupiter opposition is easy enough: today is perfect for letting le bon ton roulé, as they say. You may tumble face-first into something exaggerated, over-the-top, and even ill-advised - but it will likely be fun. If you're currently on a mission to make bank or whittle your waist, however, today won't be your cup of kale. The Venus-Pluto trine promises transformation and positive fixation in all manner of Venusian topics (love, beauty, art, to name but a few).

With all of that packed into one day, you may feel you're due a break; you're unlikely to get one just yet, however: on April 18th, the Sun conjoins Uranus. Like a one-day-only Mercury retrograde, the Sun and Uranus coupling up can create upended schedules, failing technology, and out-of-the-blue happenings.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th. Happy birthday, Taureans.

April 21st - 30th

Pluto, the keeper of the Underworld, hidden wealth and renewal, stations retrograde on April 22nd at 21 degrees of Capricorn and will be moving from 21 to 18 degrees Capricorn before it stations direct on October 2nd, 2018. In retrograde, Pluto asks us to look below the surface of everyday life. One of Pluto’s most prominent themes is control and the abuse of power. You may find that these retrograde highlights areas where you’re in a power struggle, probably a subconscious one.

Venus leaves her cozy Taurean cottage for the airy, intellectual salons of Gemini on April 24th. Venus in Gemini connects to others through her canny chat and gets her kicks engaging via light-hearted verbal volley. Venus can also be fickle when in Gemini, so watch on making any locked-in commitments on new love until she departs these airwaves on May 20th, 2018.

Just as Venus in Gemini tempts us to sample life's wares the Sun trines Vesta, making our desire to buckle down powerful. Asteroid Vesta relates to focus, discipline, and service; in positive aspect to the Sun, we may have just the tunnel-vision we require to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Equally helpful is Mars' sextile to Jupiter, which will add much-needed gusto if we start to flag.

The next two days are slightly touchy and will possibly echo themes that surfaced earlier this month on April 4th and 5th.

Mercury will make its third and final square to Saturn on April 25th (the previous two occurred March 11th and April 5th). Occurring as a part of Mercury's now-finished retrograde in Aries, this series of Saturn-Mercury squares may have brought denials, painful limits or glass-half-empty thinking our way. Now that you can see the walls aren't closing in as they may have once seemed, you can take whatever kernels of wisdom you've gleaned from this period and start to apply them - at least, once you've gotten past the Mars-Pluto conjunction that occurs the day after.

Mars conjoins Pluto on April 26th. Mars and Pluto together pack a punch, sometimes very literally. Powerful surges of energy and can-do might mutate last-moment into must-do-at-all-costs, come hell or high water. Be careful of redlining yourself on this day in pursuit of what you seek: the road is long - don't burn yourself out too fast, especially since you may be unclear on where you're headed and why. The Neptune-Pallas square on the same day tends to muddy one's mental waters.

Much more helpful are the aspects created by Mercury on April 26th and 27th. First, Mercury trines Ceres, creating an opportunity for words of comfort to emerge; with Mercury still in Aries, these might be slaps on the back that get us back into gear and fearlessly fighting for what's ours. Next, Mercury trines the Nodes, suggesting that April 27th is particularly auspicious for sending and receiving communiqué of all kinds.

Asteroid Juno, ancient Goddess of Marriage, steps forward in the wake of this positive chat to enter Aries on April 28th until July 2nd, 2018. In these scorched lands, Juno is likely to make like a battering Ram and get locked into arguments, although she'll be just as quick to forgive and forget. While some will naturally shrink away from the idea of open conflict, Juno's stay in Aries can be powerfully helpful for airing relationship resentments so that you can put the past behind you. Equally, this is an ideal period for instilling romantic entanglements with independence (if you're coupled up) and a bit of daring (if you're sailing solo). The next day, Juno will meet up with Chiron, who is also new to Aries. With these two together, you can expect healing in love and partnerships.

The Sun in Taurus makes a lovely trine to Saturn on April 29th, making this a superior day for undertaking long-term plans. As you'll feel more solid-footed than usual today is also opportune for setting up high-profile meetings and strutting your serious-minded stuff. The Full Moon in Scorpio occurring on the same day may help bring a level of witchy intensity to your plans; with square aspects between the Sun, Moon, and Nodes, today may act as a 'make it or break it' tipping point.

The months ends with a knot of aspects connecting the Sun in Taurus to Ceres and the North Node in Leo on

April 30th

. Ceres has been circling the North Node since late last year, and this is their third and final meeting. During these conjunctions, which occurred December 2nd, 2017, and January 16, 2018, Ceres has been spelling out, in no uncertain terms, how the application of little more love and understanding could help you nurture the part of your chart ruled by Leo. Even if you don't feel completely ready to move forward, now is the time to release yourself from the safety of whatever womb you've been inhabiting and put yourself out there.

You'll be glad you did.

Best days: April 9th (Mercury trine Ceres), April 14th (Jupiter sextile Pluto), April 17th (Venus opposite Jupiter), April 29th (Sun trine Saturn)

Toughest days: April 2nd (Mars conjunct Saturn), April 4th (Mercury retrograde square Mars), April 5th (Mercury retrograde square Saturn), April 25th (Mercury square Saturn), April 26th (Mars conjunct Pluto)

Astrology Transits for April 2018 (transits are written for EST times):

  • April 1st - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in Aries (Aries 12°), Vesta enters Capricorn
  • April 2nd - Mars conjunct Saturn (Capricorn 9°), Sun trine North Node (Aries - Leo 13°)
  • April 4th - Mercury retrograde in Aries square Mars (Aries - Capricorn 10°), Venus square Ceres (Taurus - Leo 5°)
  • April 5th - Mercury retrograde in Aries square Saturn (Aries - Capricorn 9°)
  • April 7th - Venus trine Saturn (Taurus - Capricorn 9°)
  • April 9th - Mercury retrograde in Aries trine Ceres (Aries - Leo 6°) and sextile Pallas-Athena (Aries - Gemini 6°), Pluto sextile Juno (Capricorn - Pisces 21°)
  • April 10th - Venus square the Nodes (Taurus - Leo 12°), Jupiter trine Juno (Scorpio - Pisces 21°), Pallas-Athena sextile Ceres (Gemini - Leo 6°)
  • April 11th - Sun square Pluto (Aries - Capricorn 21°), Venus trine Mars (Taurus - Capricorn 13°)
  • April 12th - Venus sextile Neptune (Taurus - Pisces 15°)
  • April 14th - Jupiter sextile Pluto (Scorpio - Capricorn 21°), Mars sextile Neptune (Capricorn - Pisces 15°)
  • April 15th - Mercury stations direct at 9° Aries
  • April 17th - Venus opposite Jupiter (Taurus - Scorpio 20°), Chiron enters Aries, Venus trine Pluto (Taurus - Capricorn 21°), Saturn stations retrograde at 9° Capricorn
  • April 18th - Sun conjunct Uranus (Aries 28°)
  • April 19th - the Sun enters Taurus
  • April 22nd - Venus sextile Juno (Taurus - Pisces 27°), Pluto stations retrograde at 21° Capricorn
  • April 24th - Mars sextile Jupiter (Capricorn - Scorpio 20°), Sun trine Vesta (Taurus - Capricorn 4°), Venus enters Gemini, Venus sextile Chiron (Gemini - Aries 0°)
  • April 25th - Mercury square Saturn (Aries - Capricorn 9°)
  • April 26th - Mercury trine Ceres (Aries - Leo 9°), Mars conjunct Pluto (Capricorn 21°), Neptune square Pallas (Pisces - Gemini 15°)
  • April 27th - Mercury trine North Node (Aries - Leo 10°)
  • April 28th - Juno enters Aries
  • April 29th - Sun trine Saturn (Taurus - Capricorn 9°), Chiron conjunct Juno (Aries 0°)
  • April 30th - Ceres conjunct the North Node (Leo 10°), Sun square the Nodes (Taurus - Leo 10°) and Ceres (Taurus - Leo 10°)