Astrology Transits for June 2018: Mars & Neptune Retrograde

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Astrology Transits for June 2018: Mars & Neptune Retrograde

June 1st - 10th

June starts out as (I hope) it means to go on, with a glistening, uber-harmonious trine between Venus and Jupiter as well as an equally alluring one between Mars and Mercury. The first of June is built for feel-goods, think-goods, and do-goods; if you're feeling so inclined, now is a good time to do...almost anything. Venus trine Jupiter is likely to bring about beneficial uses of your style and spirit, while Mars trine to Mercury will have your mental motor running at top speed.

The next day on June 2, the Jupiter-Venus trine connects to Neptune, creating a 'grand water trine' which will sit in the celestial backdrop until June 6. Grand trines of any description - they can occur across any of the elements: water, air, fire, earth - are known for manifesting slippery smooth, harmonious contacts between planets. With Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune in the flow together, there could be crazily dreamy romance, shopping, or indulgences. Just hold on tight to your receipts, both physical and metaphorical. Later that day, Venus squares asteroid Juno, Goddess of Marriage, which may throw a hiccup or two into romantic relations (or even between femme friends). Those with planets or points in the middle degrees of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are most likely to benefit.

On June 3, Saturn opposes asteroid Pallas-Athena. Somewhat like a creatively heightened Mercury, asteroid Pallas-Athena embodies strategy, wisdom, and the perfect coniunctio of left and right brain talents. With an opposition from Saturn, however, the pressure's on: perhaps your overwhelming to-do list looms heavy on your mind or maybe you've made a rod for your own back by setting up one too many goals to chase. Either way, today you may feel strapped for time and lack the creative mojo needed to power through.

The Chiron-Vesta square on June 4 could be sticky for those with planets or points between zero and 5 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Chiron portends pain, whether the bringing or healing of it, and Vesta relates to sacred spiritual service. With these two in square aspect to one another, we may have bone-deep mourning about our path: are we on the right one? If we aren't, how will we manage to right the ship? Allow the pain to break through your emotional membranes and be released. However real it may feel in the moment, your deepest and darkest meanderings are unlikely to be accurate. Perhaps they ping close to the bone of truth without being truth itself - important to remember if you find today's energies disorientating.

Venus comes into an opposition with power-hungry Pluto on June 5, creating a fractious T-square between Venus (love), Pluto (control, manipulation), and Juno (marriage and intimacy) that will hover tensely until June 7. Whatever comes up today has likely been building since April 1 of this year. At that time, Mercury retrograde was conjunct the Sun, akin to a New Moon for Mercury; now, Mercury is moving fast and direct as it conjoins the Sun once again. Like a Full Moon for Mercury, this tension is likely to allow you to witness - to have full, unlimited illumination - of the situation you're in, which is likely to involve matters of love, money, and partnership. This may be particularly intense for those with planets or points at 17 to 23 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

On the heels of such a day, the Astrological aspects of June 6 seem quite divinely timed: with a square between Mercury and Neptune, there could well be disillusioning messages sent and received. The following day, June 7, the Sun joins the pity party, creating a jaded atmosphere that may seem confusing (and ultimately, which may be misleading). Don't be sold on anything June 6 or 7 - wait for clarity to come knocking later this month. The Mercury-Juno sextile on the same day may serve to help smooth things over but amidst such foggy Astro-weather, there's good reason to wait and see.

Some solutions may arrive on June 8, when Uranus trines Vesta. Uranus creates changes, and Vesta ensures they get done; when these two tango there is no limit to what can be achieved. For some, that will involve breaking out of stifling, arcane relationship structures, while others may choose to stay in a relationship and rip up the rulebook. When applied elsewhere, this aspect could lead to the innovative use of technology to support spiritually-led businesses. Mars conjunct the North Node in Leo on the same day suggests that however you harness your ambitions today, they're likely to lead towards growth.

Mercury makes a meek and mild sextile to asteroid Ceres, the great mother of the planetary pantheon, on June 9. Whilst helpfully nurturing messages can be exchanged today, Mercury and Ceres are no match for what is to come tomorrow.

As part of the T-square which built between Venus, Pluto, and asteroid Juno, Pluto now perfects - if you can call it that - his square aspect to asteroid Juno. Expect power struggles, gaslighting, and manipulative uses of intimacy to emerge today.

June 11th - 20th

Mercury enters Cancer on June 12, which some will welcome with wide open arms: when in the crab sign, Mercury feels more than he thinks, intuits potently, and communicates with care. At the start of Mercury's transit in Cancer, however, Mercury will oppose asteroid Vesta. During these times, our mental acuity may be less sharp than normal, and we may feel fuzzy-headed or inarticulate. With the Sun in sextile to asteroid Juno on the same day, maybe some of that fuzziness will spill over into warm fuzzies, enabling us to put some of our romantic spats behind us.

June 13 is one of the busiest days of the month, astrologically speaking. The New Moon in Gemini occurs today, with Mercury as its ruler, which has newly entered Cancer and sextiles Uranus, adding octaves of ingenuity to your thoughts and communications. The rest of the chart is a mixed bag, specifically about relationships: while the Sun and Moon make lovely aspects to Juno (partnerships) and Ceres (nurturing), there is also Venus-Uranus square spelling jagged endings to relationships. Additionally, a new grand water trine develops out of the mists between Jupiter, Neptune, and Pallas-Athena, heightening our psychic sensibilities and allowing that wisdom to animate our grandest visions. This grand water trine will be active until June 20 and is most likely to benefit those with planets or points in the middle degrees of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

On the same day, Vesta enters Sagittarius as part of her retrograde as Venus enters Leo. Venus in Leo is a showboat waiting to happen. Powerfully demonstrative on their affections, Venus in Leo takes pride in its paramours. Yet it's not all about performance - Venus in Leo also acts with deep, heartfelt integrity. Whatever momentary tendencies Venus in Leo may have for self-centeredness can certainly be forgiven: Venus in Leo natally or by transit is as close as one will get to the proverbial knight in shining armor. In the era of #metoo, Venus in Leo proves that romance, and chivalry, are nowhere near dead.

Vesta's transit of Sagittarius is likely to have our spiritual savant marauding high and low in search of higher truths. The part of your chart where Vesta transits may become a newfound area of focus, where you're likely to be drawn into higher-minded, esoteric pursuits, leaving the mundane behind for some sorrier soul.

Between June 14 and June 15, the problematic Venus-Uranus square that might have put love on the skids during the New Moon gives way to a healing Venus-Chiron trine. Any rough spots in matters of love and money have a new opportunity for release.

Things get serious - or at least, it may feel that way - on June 15 when Mercury opposes Saturn. The glass is half empty or there's no glass at all; the walls start to close in. More positively, Mercury-Saturn aspects, even harsh ones, can be used for discipline and discrimination. If you're in the planning phases, today could be excellent for allowing Saturn's scrutinizing gaze to judge your progress. Any upsets generated by today's review will find solace in Ceres' loving arms June 16 when the Sun sextiles asteroid Ceres, helping to imbue you with a sense of can-do, will-do.

Neptune stations retrograde June 18 until November 25 this year. When Neptune retrogrades, its nebulizing effects are momentarily paused, and its customary fog starts to slowly dissipate. Clarity we have sought in vain may now come calling. Neptune relates to healing, spirituality, and transcendence; its less rosy associations include deceit, illusions, and delusions. Now is the time to get a grip on reality before the fog starts to roll back in.

Both June 19 and June 20 are excellent days for Mercury-driven pursuits: speaking, writing, traveling, sales, and negotiations, to name just a few. June 19 Mercury trines Jupiter, which can enable us to take minute details (Mercury) and marry them with grand plans (Jupiter); we may come across as exceptionally fair, wise, and just. With the Sun opposite Vesta on the same day, you may doubt if you can pull it off, but the Mercury aspects and Venus conjunct the North Node beg to differ.

On June 20 Mercury then trines Neptune retrograde, opening us to creative inspiration. This generates yet another grand water trine (yes, the third of the month!) between Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, which will be active until June 22.

June 21st - 30th

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21. Happy Birthday, Cancers.

On the same day, Venus opposes Mars. Counterintuitively, Venus-Mars aspects of any kind, including the opposition, can manifest as potent sexual simpatico, although there's no guarantee that it will amount to more than that. Just as likely are standoffs in love, which might feel a whole lot more like war; one side of the party may particularly feel as if they aren't getting their just dues.

Also, on June 21, there is - you guessed it - yet another grand trine, but this one takes place in the fire signs, lighting up the final degrees of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Encompassing Vesta in Sagittarius (she who seeks the truth), Ceres in Leo (nurturing heartfelt expression), and Juno in Aries (wife on the run), there's something powerfully femme on the prowl. Could it be that new avenues towards independence open, which allow you to speak your truth AND come from your heart? You'll have until June 27 to meditate on this and similar trains of thoughts, when the grand fire trine will loosen and disappear.

As a standalone aspect, the Vesta-Ceres trine of June 22 is a good day for conception, as well as tending to one's hearth and home. On the same day, Mercury will conjoin asteroid Pallas-Athena, allowing you to access higher wisdom and marry it with sensible actions.

The next day, June 23, is good for leaving no stone unturned when Mercury opposes Pluto. While this aspect is a boon for anyone doing highly detailed, research-orientated tasks, that same level of obsessive focus can wreak havoc when its attention is turned within us. We can easily feel as if we are swept down to Pluto's underworld today, eager but unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The best use of today's vibe is to take all that intensity and place it somewhere fruitful. Difficult aspects between the Sun and Chiron could make us easy prey to the incisive energy powering the Mercury-Pluto opposition, especially if we are feeling low in confidence.

Things start to look up on June 25 when Venus squares Jupiter, inducing us to eat, drink, or shop to our heart's content...and our bank manager's dismay. Venus-Jupiter squares are the best friend of every hedonist and the foe of anyone in the throes of a new diet or budget; plan accordingly, lest you be caught unaware (you'll probably have fun anyway). The focus today may otherwise be on our partners, as the Vesta-Juno trine suggests; with Pallas-Athena opposite Pluto, we may spend time processing some of our deep-seated fixations.

On June 26 Mars stations retrograde in Aquarius. Mars will retrograde between Aquarius and Capricorn, finishing his retrograde transit August 27 of this year. During that time, expect the parts of your chart occupied by Mars' retrograde to come under serious review. Throughout this period, you'll be inclined to weigh up your future (Aquarius) against the past (Capricorn) and try to discern the best ways - and whys - forward. As the famous book suggests, it all starts with why.

Energies will flag on June 27 when the Sun opposes Saturn. This is a yearly occurrence, but no less the potent for it: when the Sun comes into harsh contact with Saturn, the result is almost always a stultifying, vitality-zapping comedown. Reserve your strength today, and don't attempt to bite off more than you can chew.

Ceres entry into Virgo on the next day, June 28, may help us stay grounded. When in Virgo, Ceres aims to nurture by discrimination, picking the wheat from chaff until all that remains is what will suffice. Ceres' manner may come across as prickly from time to time when her perfecting eye spies mistakes and missteps. During this transit, understand that focusing on the problems is the way forward and not a terminal state of play. The Mercury-Juno square on the same day will mimic Ceres' Virgoan ways, as words (Mercury) with partners (Juno) may come across as harsh.

The Full Moon in Capricorn also occurs June 28. This Full Moon is a doozy: with the lunation ruler Saturn sat atop the Moon, the effect is like a damper unto a candle. The mood is likely to be austere, final, and depressive. You will not pass go, and you will definitely not collect $200. Some helpful aspects in the chart persist, however, so all is not lost. Kindly aspects between Juno and Ceres will foster caretaking in relationships (and even sincere assistance for those who share parenting responsibilities).

Mercury, who is currently flying around the zodiac at breakneck speed, enters Leo on June 29. Mercury in Leo speaks right from the heart with more than a handful of dramatic flair to keep us entertained. And there may very well be a fair bit of drama floating around on June 30 when Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Theatrical statements may end up causing a ruckus, generating breakdowns in communications; Mercury-Uranus aspects can also disrupt tech-connections, so back up that chat while you still can. Whatever happens, the Mercury-Chiron trine on the same day will help make it seem as if all the slip-ups were just a bad dream.

Best days: June 1st (Venus trine Neptune; Mercury trine Mars)

Toughest days: June 19 (Sun opposite Vesta) and June 27 (Sun opposite Saturn)

Astrology Transits for June 2018 (transits are written for EST times):

  • June 1 - Venus trine Jupiter (Cancer - Scorpio 15°), Mercury trine Mars (Gemini - Aquarius 5)
  • June 2 - Mercury sextile the North Node (Gemini - Leo 7), Venus trine Neptune (Cancer - Pisces 16) and square Juno (Cancer - Aries 16)
  • June 3 - Saturn opposite Pallas-Athena (Capricorn - Cancer 7)
  • June 4 - Chiron square Vesta (Aries - Capricorn 2)
  • June 5 - Sun conjunct Mercury (Gemini 15), Venus opposite Pluto (Cancer - Capricorn)
  • June 6 - Mercury square Neptune (Gemini 16)
  • June 7 - Sun square Neptune (Gemini 16), Mercury sextile Juno (Gemini - Aries 19)
  • June 8 - Mars conjunct the South Node, the first of three such aspects (Aquarius 7), Uranus trine Vesta (Taurus - Capricorn 1)
  • June 9 - Mercury sextile Ceres (Gemini - Leo 22)
  • June 10 - Pluto square Juno (Capricorn - Aries 20)
  • June 12 - Sun sextile Juno (Gemini - Aries 21), Mercury enters Cancer and opposes Vesta (Cancer-Capricorn 0)
  • June 13 - Mercury sextile Uranus (Cancer - Taurus 1) and square Chiron (Cancer - Aries 2), Vesta retrogrades into Sagittarius, Venus enters Leo
  • June 14 - Jupiter trine Pallas-Athena (Scorpio - Cancer 14), Venus square Uranus (Leo - Taurus 1)
  • June 15 - Venus trine Chiron (Leo - Aries 2), Mercury opposite Saturn (Cancer - Capricorn 6)
  • June 16 - Sun sextile Ceres (Gemini - Leo 25)
  • June 18 - Neptune trine Pallas-Athena (Pisces - Cancer 16) on the same day as Neptune's retrograde station at 16 Pisces
  • June 19 - Venus conjunct the North Node (Leo 6), Sun opposite Vesta (Gemini - Sagittarius 28)
  • June 20 - Mercury trine Neptune (Cancer - Pisces 16)
  • June 21 - the Sun enters Cancer, Venus opposite Mars (Leo - Aquarius 9)
  • June 22 - Mercury conjunct Pallas-Athena (Cancer 18), Vesta retrograde trine Ceres (Sagittarius - Leo 27)
  • June 23 - Sun sextile Uranus (Cancer - Taurus 1), Mercury opposite Pluto (Cancer - Capricorn 20), Sun square Chiron (Cancer - Aries 2)
  • June 25 - Vesta trine Juno (Sagittarius - Aries 27), Pluto opposite Pallas-Athena (Capricorn - Cancer 20), Venus square Jupiter (Leo - Scorpio 13)
  • June 26 - Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius
  • June 27 - Sun opposite Saturn (Cancer - Capricorn 5)
  • June 28 - Mercury square Juno (Cancer - Aries 28), Ceres enters Virgo
  • June 29 - Mercury enters Leo
  • June 30 - Mercury square Uranus (Leo - Taurus 2) and trine Chiron (Leo - Aries 2)