Astrology Planetary Patterns for October 2016

October is a quiet month for planetary transit patterns.

October is a quiet month for planetary transit patterns. The Mutable T-Square between Neptune, the North Node and Saturn continues in the sky as it has for a number of months. It ends this month, around the 17th, as Saturn ceases retrograding while Neptune and the North Node are continuing to move backwards.

For many months now, as the Moon passed through the early degrees of Gemini (as the Moon passes through all of the signs in one month), it completed a Grand Cross in the sky. But is the first month this is not the case.

When the Moon is in Gemini, around the 19th, there is no Mutable T-Square in the sky anymore.

Oct 01, 2016
T-Square: Neptune in Pisces 9° , Saturn in Sagittarius 11° , North Node in Virgo 11°

Oct 20, 2016
T-Square: Mercury in Libra 22° , Mars in Capricorn 15° , Uranus in Aries 22°

A new Cardinal T-Square emerges around the 20th of the month between Mercury, Mars and Uranus, ushering in a new feeling. The Cardinal signs relate to sparks, starts, and seizing the moment. However this only lasts a few days.

Oct 23, 2016
T-Square: Neptune in Pisces 9° , Venus in Sagittarius 6° , North Node in Virgo 9°

From the 23rd to the 29th, as Venus progresses through Sagittarius, it brings life back to the Mutable T-Square for a brief period of time.

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