Astrology Planetary Patterns for November 2016

The planetary transit patterns for November are two Mutable T-Squares as well as the second emergence of a Cardinal T-Square

November is a quiet month for planetary transit patterns. The first pattern is the re-emergence of the Mutable T-Square on the 15th, as Mercury begins to move through Sagittarius. It takes the place of Saturn which has formed the T-Square for the last few months, but now is out of sync with the North Node and Neptune.

Nov 15, 2016
Grand Cross: Neptune in Pisces 9° , Mercury in Sagittarius 4° , North Node in Virgo 8°, Moon in Gemini 9°

On Nov 15th, the Mutable T-Square reappears - but just for this day, it is a Grand Cross as the Moon passes through Gemini forming the fourth corner of the cross.

This pattern continues until the 20th.

Nov 24, 2016
T-Square: Jupiter in Libra 15° , Venus in Capricorn 14° , Uranus in Aries 21°

As was the case in October, a Cardinal T-Square emerges this month, as Venus passes through Capricorn and squares Uranus and Jupiter, which are in opposition in the sky.

This pattern lasts through the end of the month.

Nov 26, 2016
T-Square: Jupiter in Libra 16° , Venus in Capricorn 16° , Uranus in Aries 21°
T-Square: Neptune in Pisces 9° , Sun in Sagittarius 4° , North Node in Virgo 8°

Toward the end of the month, the Mutable T-Square revives again as the Sun follows the trail of Mercury and passes through Sagittarius.