Astrology Planetary Patterns for July 2016

Venus, Mercury and then the Sun, moving through Cancer, all replace each other as the corner of a length Grand Water Trine during July 2016.

The Mutable Grand Cross graced the sky for much of June, but it only makes a brief appearance on July 2nd, as the Moon passes through Gemini.

However, the T-Square between North Node in Virgo 15°, Jupiter in Virgo 17°, Saturn in Sagittarius 11°, Neptune in Pisces 11° is ongoing. Around the 8th, Jupiter, having moved out of retrograde fully, moves onward through Virgo and leaves the T-Square.

The North Node, Jupiter and Saturn (all in retrograde) remain in a Mutuable T-Square throughout the month, though the T-Square weakens later in the month.

Here are the key events:

Jul 02, 2016
Grand Cross: Neptune in Pisces 11° , Moon in Gemini 11° , North Node in Virgo 15° , Jupiter in Virgo 17° , Saturn in Sagittarius 11°

There is a brief reappearance of last month's Mutuable Grand Cross as the Moon moves through Gemini.

Jul 05, 2016
Kite: Venus in Cancer 21° , Mars in Scorpio 23° , Chiron in Pisces 25° with Jupiter in 17° Virgo as the tip to the Kite

A change from the Grand Earth Trine of the last two months, a Grand Water Trine appears with Virgo in sextile to its two sides, forming a Kite pattern.

Jul 10, 2016
Grand Trine: Mercury in Cancer 22° , Mars in Scorpio 23° , Chiron in Pisces 25° , Venus in Cancer 27°

The Grand Water Trine lasts for a significant portion of the month, but on the 10th, Venus is replaced with Mercury, now in late Cancer.

Jul 13, 2016
Grand Trine: Sun in Cancer 21° , Mars in Scorpio 24° , Chiron in Pisces 25°
Grand Trine: Mercury in Cancer 28° , Mars in Scorpio 24° , Chiron in Pisces 25°

On the 13th, the Sun begins to take over the Grand Water Trine (and Kite to Jupiter) as it moves through the sign of Cancer. However on the 13th, there are really two triangles, slightly shifted from one another as can be seen above. After this day, the latter trine dissolves.

Jul 20, 2016
Grand Trine: Sun in Cancer 27° , Mars in Scorpio 25° , Chiron in Pisces 25°
T-Square: Neptune in Pisces 11° , Saturn in Sagittarius 10° , North Node in Virgo 14°

The 20th marks the last day of the Grand Water Trine, as the Sun continues to progress moving into the sign of Leo. Meanwhile the Mutable T-Square still goes strong until the 28th. The rest of the month is without any major patterns.

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