Mariah Carey & Ariana Grande: A resemblance?

Could astrology help explain the resemblance between these two performers?

With the launching of Ariana Grande's music career, there have been quite a few accusations that she has copied Mariah Carey's distinctive 'baby doll' style. So it is interesting to compare their birth charts and explore the styles of these two performers.

Mariah Carey Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer

Mariah Carey is one of the best selling musicians of all time, "famed for her five-octave vocal range, power, melismatic style and signature use of the whistle register."

Her Sun & Venus are in Aries with a Moon in Cancer. Her image comes across as :
lively, happy, lighthearted, bouncy / leering of taking herself too seriously / 'sugary' songs / flirty bashfulness / breathy vocals / sensuality on the stage.

Her style has been described by some to be "too sugary". And yet, she is often beaming with a characteristic radiant smile. It's part of her charm, exuding a playful confidence. She has said she enjoys playing with the ditzy image, irregardless of how others think of her.

She is also one of the most influential pop vocal stylists of the last two decades, "the person who made rococo melismatic singing—the trick of embroidering syllables with multiple no-o-o-o-o-o-tes—the ubiquitous pop style", according to Slate magazine.

Ariana Grande Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

Ariana Grande's style has also been described as sugary sweet. Her bouncy walk and characteristic look over her shoulder is incredibly reminiscent of Mariah, as well as the manner in which she softens her eyes when she looks at the camera.

It is interesting to note the prominent role of the Cancer sign between them, which here can come through as a style which is soft, watery, enigmatic and very fluid. This comes through in the way these performers have practiced their dance moves.

The other interesting feature is their Libra-Aries connection. These two signs fall exactly opposite on another on the zodiac, but there is a special connection between opposite signs. I have noticed they tend to understand each other very well on deeper levels. Its possible that this axis comes through as a particularly lighthearted, smiley, easygoing style.

This axis may be the strongest theme between the two charts because both have planets falling in the early degrees of these signs, and Jupiter falls in early Libra for both. Additionally, Ariana's Moon is conjunct her Jupiter in Libra while Mariah's Sun and North Node in early Aries oppose her Jupiter. Thus both charts strongly activate this planet. Jupiter in Libra is often expressed as thriving on or even overdoing in Libra qualities. Listed below as some of the related qualities.

Jupiter in Libra
A harmonious, peaceful disposition
A gentle grace that pacifies any tension in situations
A gracious demeanor, yet danger of being superficial or 'Miss/Mr Nice'
Desire to socialize and tendency to see the world through relationships

Finally, its is interesting to note that they both have an activated relationship between Sun and Jupiter, as Mariah has strong Sun opposition Jupiter aspect, which Ariana hold a strong Sun square Jupiter aspect. Listed below as some of the related qualities.

Sun and Jupiter Aspects
Being a Pollyanna, only seeing the best in others
Wide-eyed, contagious enthusiasm
Supportive, generous, warm character
Docile, disarming character
Struggling to find balance in all the opportunities one is presented with
Restlessness leading one to overextend oneself
Difficulty with self-restraint

It is interesting to reflect on Mariah's infamous burnout after the release of Glitter as a possible reflection of the tendency to overextend oneself. She later said this period was "a complete and total stress-fest [...] I made a total snap decision which was based on money and I never make decisions based on money. I learned a big lesson from that."

In summary, from an astrological perspective, the similarities in their charts are reflected in their signs, which fall along the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) and an aspect between Sun and Jupiter. Certainly this is a good start!

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