Astrology of Elon Musk

"A Closer Astrological Look" series is exploring the characteristics of different famous and influential people

Elon Musk Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo

Elon Musk is a modern day visionary and business man. He is the brain behind Space X, a private aerospace manufacturer and co-founder of Tesla, an innovative automotive company that sells electric cars. He has weathered the early resistance of his unconventional ideas, but nowadays he has built up such a strong image and that many just assume anything he says is undoubtedly possible. A good example of this is the Hyperloop - a high speed transportation system conceived of by Musk that uses pressurized capsules within a vacuum. It was seemingly created almost out of his exasperation with current practices.

His dreams appear to be emotionally-driven. Growing up in South Africa, he has explained that he has long idealized the country of America and everything it has stood for. Going to Mars for him, stems from seeking to bring back the original awe and upliftment of the Moon landings of the 60s. In fact, he has described himself as "nauseatingly pro-American". 1

Interestingly, most of his businesses including SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity have been dependent on $4.9 billion in government subsidies for support. The two worlds have been intricately related, and Esquire writer Tom Jundo claims Musk "has used both his genius and his genius for salesmanship to convince NASA to marry him. " There is an interesting focus in Musk's ventures and those connected with the government.

Elon Musk's Birth Chart. To see the full chart click here.

According to Esquire writer Tom Jundo, "He is often referred to as a "rock star" but "maintains a studied sanity." Despite his far-reaching pursuits, he is described as "soft-spoken" genius, and not displaying any "arrogant showmanship". 3

Many of Musk's business pursuits are about reusability, efficiency, and sustainability. He claims he does not wish to be seen as disruptive for the sake of being disruptive. Rather, "‘I’m much more inclined to say, “How can we make things better?". 5 Of Musk’s innovations, one that may be the most radical is the idea of developing reusable rockets which can be used to decrease the costs of space travel. With Tesla, Musk has strived to accelerate the use of electric vehicles, releasing our cultural dependency on gas, and alleviating our carbon footprint.

Within his own businesses, he is notorious for wishing to cut wastes as much as possible. This often translates to not wishing to be reliant on any external manufacturers, often cutting them out of the picture when they attempt to increase their costs. This has resulted in SpaceX not simply assembling rockets but manufacturing 70 percent of them. 4

He is also a self-proclaimed perfectionist. When asked if he enjoys sitting in a Tesla, he expressed that it is a little different for him because he is constantly thinking about what aspect of the car can be improved. "If you want to make something better, you must analyze it for the flaws." 2 Details such as "the car's ingotlike rearview mirror" were designed by Musk himself. 4

From an astrological viewpoint, some associations can be made:

soft-spoken demeanor / polite, nonconfrontational attitude / emotionally driven aspiration and business pursuits / patriotism / capacity to recreate himself within multiple industries, like a chameleon
eye for perfection / strong attention to detail, down to personally designing the mirrors in his cars / desire to cut waste and improve the effectiveness of his enterprises / passion for reusability, efficiency, and sustainability / interest in human impact on the natural environment
'disruptive' enterprises / desire to make leaps and bounds in revolutionizing the way things are done / his desire to deliver meaningful and impacting collective solutions / ambitious promises of change

I personally do not believe that astrology can predict a genius or the success of any venture. I strongly believe that our reality is actively created by ourselves, as are Musk's life and ventures. However, I do think astrology can tell us something about the style and demeanor that people carry themselves through their life. It applies well to this chart.

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