Bernie Sanders: A closer astrological look

"A Closer Astrological Look" series is exploring the characteristics of different famous and influential people

With the 2016 Presidential election approaching, it's interesting to watch many of the youth of the United States rally behind a 75 year old Jewish white man. On the surface, Bernie does not have the "sex appeal" that Obama did. Obama was different. He was a younger, thinner, and more handsome man from a demographic we've never seen before in the presidential office. Sanders is not the face you'd expect for the face of a new revolution.

And yet, Sanders is a reflection of what young and progressive-thinking people have collectively learned from the last election. Though I myself am not very politically active, I did cry when Obama was elected. I remember the night his win was announced - there was so much screaming on the streets of Boston, one would have thought swarths of people had just won the lottery.

Things came into clearer focus after his election had come and gone. Though it is completely silly to blame the state of the country on Obama (exemplified by the meme "Thanks, Obama"), it is reasonable that many felt there was a gap between Obama's rhetoric and his actual behavior and approach when in office. And yet, others pointed to Obama's actual record as a senator, and we saw that Obama's approach was not all that unexpected. The voters simply had not looked that carefully into his voting record, allowing themselves to be swept off their feet by his moving speeches.

Bernie Sanders seems to bring everything to the picture that Obama did not: we know Sanders' voting record has remained the same for the last 40 years. From his time as the Mayor of Burlington, VT in 1989, Sanders core message and even politically radical stance has not changed, has not softened, has not been diluted.

It is quite remarkable to reflect on - considering that Bernie Sanders is an elderly man, who has weathered the experience of working in the government (which looks quite draining to me, so props to him) and yet still has a vision that is bigger than his own ego, and relates to many young people. His supporters are now feeling that deep sense of hope lifted by his consistency. Truly, this man is a gem in the rough.

Bernie Sanders' Birth Chart. To see the full chart click here.

There are few interesting things to notice when looking at Bernie Sander's chart. Immediately, we notice that his Sun is in Virgo, and his Moon falls closely to his Mars in Aries. Sanders exudes his Sun in Virgo because we see his values consistency and authenticity in his political record. Sun in Virgos are often the type of people who feel they need to be well established in their career or deeply experienced in their creation before announcing or broadcasting their ambitions publicly. This is not the type of sign that exaggerates in its claims. A Virgo typically does not like jumping the shark or using some type of gimmick to gain attention.

Indeed, throughout Bernie Sander's 40 year political career, there would have been ample opportunity to make some kind of outrageous statement in order to garner attention. Some argue that this in fact is Donald Trump's campaign strategy. To the contrary, Bernie Sanders is a straight shooter. He has a unembellished, clear, and substantial style, reflective of his Virgo Sun as well as his direct and straightforward Moon in Aries. He wants the substance of his long term publicly built reputation to shine through.

However, Bernie's image is incredibly serious, and less lighthearted than some would like to see in a president. His opponents point to his presence as not being leader-like and radiating with strength.

There is another component to Sanders' image: he is known as an agitator. In fact, he associates himself with "outrage" on the state of the country. His approach is direct, bold, and effective. He knows how to confront others and talk sharply, which is refreshing to some after an era of Obama felt somewhat restrained. This capacity is likely reflective of his Moon and Mars in Aries.

Mars is the sign of the ram, bold and daring, and not afraid of starting some fires to achieve its aims. This energy used positively creates an individual who enjoys bravely standing up for the justice of all people. The conjunction of the Moon and Mars can result in a person who is seething with raw passion and energy. However, the tendency to be brutally honest about one's emotions does not always fare well to the receiving party.

Meanwhile his Mercury Sextile Pluto injects even more intensity to his communication style. Without a doubt, the depth to which he has thought out every issue is quite remarkable and truly comes through in discussion with him. This not a man seeking to brush off questions with canned answers. And he has the willingness to explore unconventional ideas reflected by a Mercury Trine Uranus. Sanders is often the odd one out in his crowd. How he has managed to come so far openly calling himself a Scandinavian style 'socialist' is quite a wonder.

So do you feel Bernie Sanders can accomplish a politically left, progressive agenda that Obama only seemed to be able to capture in words? Unless Bernie can change his image to exude what he does love about America rather than simply raging about what he doesn't like, I personally wonder how much he will appeal to the average voter.

Finally, I do not believe astrology is predictive in nature. Our next president will be decided by a collective co-creation. It is impossible to know what the future will hold. But if Bernie Sanders is your candidate of choice, his own quote may be most useful here: "My strong belief is that it is imperative that we maintain our vision of what American can be, and that we fight hard to make that happen. DO NOT GIVE UP."

Edit: There have been a few questions about the source of Bernie Sanders' birth time. The time is not entirely certain. I talked with a man who campaigned with Bernie Sanders in the Burlington, Vermont races 35 years ago, and was also an astrology enthusiast. According to him, working off of his memory, Bernie's birth time was 12:27 PM EDT. Use with discretion! :-)

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